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So naturally, he calls Liesel out on her “trashy choice of reading” and suggests that she reads Hitler’s Mein Kampf instead.Analyze: Markus Zusak chose to reference Mein Kampf in his book not only to give his readers a bit of history, but also to show how controlling Nazis were to even Christian people.

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One by one they climbed into the ring and beat him down, They made him bleed. Millions of them- until one last time, when he gathered himself to his feet…” (254) Describe: Every night while dwelling in the Hubermann’s basement, Max vividly imagines himself fist fighting with Hitler in an arena (occasionally accompanied by others of the Nazi Party).

These “fights” typically leave Max in a weary state with strong emotions regarding what he experienced.

This theme is demonstrated all throughout “The Book Thief,” a theme that tells us that it was not just the Jews who were oppressed during the holocaust.

Every person is expected to love and worship Hitler and his ideology without question; there is no room for anything other than the great Fuhrer in anyone’s life.

In order to be sure that Max would not be seen by anyone of the outside, Max was to live in the Hubermann 's basement.

Analyze: Living in the basement or a poor family in the midst of a German winter can cause serious problems, both mentally and physically; Max discovered this very quickly.

Characterization: “Her face was severe, but it was smiling.

‘What the hell did you do with my hairbrush, you stupid Saumensch, you little thief?

Point of View: “*** A REASSURING ANNOUNCEMENT *** Please, be calm, despite that previous threat. Then, Death continues to ramble on about why white is most certainly a color, and most importantly, why you should not argue this subject with him.

Given that saying such a thing may sound threatening to the reader, Death reassures us by saying that he is not evil or vindictive, he is only a result of life.


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