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The first author is the scientist that performed most of the work and orchestrated the completion of the manuscript.

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Click the tabs on the left to find out more about the components of this journal article, or download the journal article (PDF) and reading guide (PDF or Word document). It's worth looking up parts of the title that you don't understand. A mutualism is a relationship that benefits both parties involved.

So this paper is about how a parasite helps keep balance in the mutually beneficial relationship between figs and pollinators. What sort of a relationship do figs and their pollinators have?

References are extensively cited in the introduction.

These are papers that the authors use to frame their arguments and questions.

Unless you are familiar with the field already, don't skip reading the introduction! Try to restate the main point of each paragraph in plain English, but if a paragraph is just impossible to understand, press on ahead! You may be able to figure out what it means later or may not end up needing it at all.

In this introduction, the authors first explain the basic evolutionary conundrum of mutualisms: why doesn't one partner evolve to cheat the system?

Figures are referred to at the appropriate place in the text.

When you see a reference to a figure, stop and spend some time studying the figure!

Basically, fig fruit contain many ovules (which may end up producing a seed or may become the home for a wasp larva).

Pollinating wasps preferentially lay their eggs in ovules near the center of the fruit — and several hypotheses have been proposed that might explain why they do this.


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