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The different centers of mass and pressure cause the shuttlecock to exhibit its unique stabilizing aerodynamic torque and its characteristic flip.The laws of shuttlecock flights could also apply to other projectiles that have a non-homogeneous mass along their axis, such as air missiles and dandelion seeds or "achenes." "We particularly looked at the dynamics of a dandelion achene when it falls from the plant," coauthor Baptiste Darbois Texier at Ecole Polytechnique told By performing tests in wind tunnels, the scientists found that feathered shuttlecocks become more deformed than their plastic counterparts.

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Indonesia and Malaysia honored badminton as national game (Boeth, 1992), while badminton is considered as a backyard game in the United States.

However, as an international and also Olympic sport, badminton is gaining popularity in the United States.

The physicists, Caroline Cohen, et al., at Ecole Polytechnique and ESPCI Paris Tech, both in France, have published their paper called "The physics of badminton" in a recent issue of the New Journal of Physics.

For some background, the scientists note that contemporary badminton originated from the Indian game "tomfool." The shuttlecock is traditionally made of 16 goose feathers (or plastic mesh) planted into a cork.

The researchers also looked at the differences between the trajectories of feathered and plastic shuttlecocks.

Experienced players prefer the feathered version because they can be hit at higher speeds without exiting the court, giving the opponent less time to react.

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Introduction Badminton, which is considered as a backyard game in the United States, is now gaining popularity among American.

It is considered a lightweight and extended object, with a weight of 5 grams and a length of 10 cm, giving it a very large drag.

Despite the large drag, shuttlecocks can still achieve top speeds of more than 300 mph (137 m/s).


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