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Like Matthew Lillard in She's All That, or Stifler in American Pie. The '90s was a time when losing virginity in high school was a paramount concern, even an obsession, and i'm glad this is a stereotype that has kindly died in movies.These guys were assholes, sure, but things also tended not to go their way all the time... The '90s were full of very pretty, smart, girl next door types who realized through grand events that their lives weren't tied to appearing perfect. Many, while finding their experiences tough and challenging, have no regrets and are happy with where they are, in the long term.

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We have a lot of stereotypes we associate with the '90s, but none are so universal as '90s high school personality stereotypes.

You can thank the huge popularity of teen films in the '90s for that.

Did anyone else not secretly think Jamie Kennedy was hot in Scream?

He was played as the culture junkie, but also was kind of cute, no? In American Pie, when everyone else was just trying to "lose it", she already had a mouth like Samantha Jones and was the encyclopedia for sex.

Many people don't wish to acknowledge the fact that it only takes once to get pregnant, which may very well be the case for the pregnant teenager.

Yet many people will look at her as lowly, assuming she got pregnant on purpose and had slept around often.

Can you begin to imagine going through all of these at the same time?

Children need to be fed, bathed and cared for almost full time, do these people get the support they need?

In the Sex and the City generation, this was a definite high school stereotype: that there was one girl who was so knowledgeable about sex, but way to cool to care about being labelled as anything because of it.

As well as the betting jocks, there was also the nasty jock, who was kind of the butt of jokes as well.


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