Teenage Depression Essay

A 17 year-old boy is sitting in his fourth block almost in tears after his girlfriend of two years broke up with him at lunch.

His face is as motionless as a deer in the headlights. Due to him being too depressed and detached from everyone is the reason she broke up with him.

After a statement like that, one might think that they age group just recalled is responsible for the most suicides. The elderly, ages 65 and older take part in more than twenty percent of all suicides (Suicide)yberbullying is seen as a cruel and unusual thing to do towards another human.

However, by most teenagers, it is seen as a big joke, unless you are on the receiving end of the situation.

There is only one possible reason as to why there was such a large increase in the depression rate.

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In 1988, technology started improving rapidly for the following fifteen years, and has not slowed down since.When you think about it, it is really sad, even pathetic that someone could ever stoop so low and make someone - who most likely did nothing to them - want to kill him or herself, or go through with it.However, the majority of teens will sit and laugh, joke about it, and make fun of it.Depression is caused by many things, and media plays a huge part in how much teenagers are affected by it.It is a major issues in our society today and is only getting worse.However, it has been proven to have a major effect and influence on them.In America, a person commits suicide due to depression about every 12.8 seconds (Suicide).The majority of teens do not care one little bit, or at least they do not seem too.The pretending factor of this can also tie into the rate of depression due to someone trying to fit in..If we do the math, that is about 6,750 deaths per day.Almost 7,000 deaths a day due to one disorder is a lot.


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