Teaching Through Problem Solving

The preposition “through” is the most critical word in the title of this book, as rightfully suggests that problem-solving is the door, window, and infrastructure to building buoyant and beautiful math classrooms.

Oldridge invites you to see problem-solving as being baked into classrooms, replete with figurative aromas of chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon buns.

We bring in common case scenarios for students and try to develop the frameworks they need to approach a problem rather than just finding the answer.

To help students think about the process, we scaffold scenarios over the years through self-study modules that students can complete on their own.

Matthew does a fantastic job of challenging our thinking with regards to math education!

As someone with a great deal of mathematical knowledge, he does a superb job of asking great questions allowing the reader to pause, reflect and think about his or her own classroom.

When I think about math education, Matthew continues to prove to be the 'go-to' guy for positive discourse with regards to best practice and pedagogy!

Matthew Oldridge has deftly marinated his mathematics and English background to create one savory and timely book to finally address where problem-solving lies in math education—woven inextricably in the lifeblood of a math classroom.

” and “How do I foster problem-solving skills in my course?

” and eventually, "How will I be explicit about problem solving in my course and course description?


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