Teaching Critical Thinking Through Art History In High School

Teaching Critical Thinking Through Art History In High School-55
They may have never seen anything like what you’re showing them.

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We all know that Critical Thinking is a vital 21st Century Skill for our students.

This could be a painting you’ve done (don’t tell them!

), a piece of work done by a high school student in your district, or something you have hanging in your home.

Select and use evidence/information effectively in conducting a comprehensive analysis of the issue/problem 3.

Analyze context, assumptions and perspectives when presenting a position on an issue/problem 4.Ceramic pieces, sculptures, weavings, and artifacts also all work well.In fact, if you don’t know anything about the piece yourself, it can lead to a much more authentic discussion.Today I’m sharing a simple activity you can use with your youngest students to begin to develop their critical thinkings skills.It would be perfect for an introduction to a project or theme, or an excellent option to pull out when you have 15 extra minutes of class. This step is optional, but it makes for a more dramatic experience for the students. If not, head to your nearest thrift store to pick one up for a few bucks.There is something about a real piece of art that truly engages students.In addition, don’t feel as though you have to limit your choices to 2D works.In this Learning Pack, explore how to infuse art history to teach big ideas within your secondary art curriculum.Learn how to introduce compelling and relevant artists to your students and gain strategies to help your students interact in meaningful ways with the art they are seeing in your classroom.Most likely, your choice will only be available in poster form.However, if you’re doing this activity outside of a specific project, why not bring in a real, physical piece of art?


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