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Especially, the big concern is for English vocabulary retention.At the end of the first term 2009 – 2010 only about 50% of the students got an average of 5 and 6, and only 8% got 7 or 8 and the rest got 3 or 4 in the English oral test in the 2009 State First Term Examination.Most jobs now require the applicants to have knowledge of English language at certain levels.

The subjects included 80 high school ESL students in TT High School in Thuong Tin town in the North of Vietnam.

Surveys, interviews, questionnaires, observational notes, and test scores were used to determine to impact visual learning strategies had on academic performance.

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The poor English vocabulary of the Vietnamese students in general and Thuong Tin High School (TTHS) students in particular is a cause for big concern.

This study investigated why TTHS students speak and write English badly and find out how visual aids help TTHS students improve their English vocabulary retention.English is an important and compulsory subject at almost every school in Vietnam.Thus, usually students have to learn English for at least 7 years, from grade 6 to grade 12.Students have been given extra lessons so that they have more time to practice their English, especially English speaking lessons, they have been helped a lot with revision before every test.They have even been provided with well-prepared hand-outs of the points on which they are going to be tested and told what to learn to do the tests well.Attitudes and motivation, self-confidence, intelligence, language aptitude, and language learning strategies have also been found to have an effect on language learners’ success in their language learning (Gardner, 2001).The research project took place at Thuong Tin High School located in Thuong Tin, a town about 30 kilometres from Ha Noi Capital and has been developing very fast.English is the most popular international language used in communications, science, business and entertainment and in many other fields.Knowing English vocabulary helps people to satisfy their needs in communication, work and entertainment.In spite of what they have been informed and reminded of, unexpected things have still occurred, students have not improved their achievement, and the fact that most students were not very proficient in speaking and writing tests which were shown on the report of first term.To find out which factors are important in language learning, it is necessary to have a close look at social factors as well as a number of psychological dimensions of difference.


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