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Swot Analysis Assignment-50
As a result weak strengths may appear to balance strong weaknesses.

As a result weak strengths may appear to balance strong weaknesses.

businesses are able to influence and to manipulate with their strengths and weaknesses.

Opportunities and threats, on the other hand, are external.

However, the majority of educational institutions provide students the flexibility to conduct SWOT analysis of a company of their own choice.

Students are often tempted to conduct SWOT analysis of their employer.

The list of major opportunities for a business may include new product development, finding new customer segments for existing products, opportunities for further cost reductions thanks to creativity and technological innovations and others.

Threats: unfavorable situations and factors that could create problems for the business compromising its competitive advantage to a certain extent.SWOT analysis can be used at organizational and personal levels.As it is illustrated below, strengths and weaknesses are internal, i.e.A history of defective products, presence of huge debts and high employee turnover are examples for major weaknesses that a company may have.Opportunities: favorable situations and factors that can strengthen competitive advantage of the business or provide the business with new sources of competitive advantage.Choosing your employer as a case study can be a good strategy if you have an access to detailed relevant information.Please note that only descriptive information would not suffice and you will have to justify your arguments by referring to relevant quantitative data.Therefore, if you are not able to find relevant quantitative data about your employer, your best choice could be to conduct SWOT analysis of a multinational enterprise.This is due to the availability of data about the majority multinational enterprises.You can conduct a SWOT analysis with the following four steps: Step 1: Selecting a company If your assignment requires conducting a SWOT analysis, you are either given a case study company by your educational institution or you are free to analyze a company of your own choice.In the first scenario, you have no option but to conduct a SWOT analysis of the company named in your assignment instructions.


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