Sustainable Living Essay

If all humans on earth lived as we do we would need several planets, but there's only one available to share.

In response to the challenging global picture, you'd want to know first what the top issues are in NZ and then how you can do your bit towards creating sustainability.

Sustainable Living Education Trust can help you with accurate, independent information.

Open tips on farmland are now rare (photo shows a rural district's pile of glass bottles stockpiled, until recycling prices rose) but the modern engineered landfill sites are very expensive to build and maintain, as they have to contain toxic liquid leachate from below and the methane gas emissions to air created by decomposition of food and garden materials without oxygen.

Methane is a more-damaging 'greenhouse gas' per molecule than carbon dioxide.

Read our background information on waste issues at home.

Also read background information on shopping impacts and choices.

Organic gardening is becoming popular, and features in our learning guides.

Read background information on what makes for more-sustainable gardens to help assess your own backyard space.

See more info on waste minimisation in NZ at oneplanet website We buy prepared foods in packaging material that's often not recyclable; and don't grow much fresh fruit and veges for ourselves.

Many young people do not know how to garden, or make compost, to preserve surplus crops or even how to cook fresh food (but it's never too late to start enjoying this).


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