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For positive elasticity, this would refer to a giffen good for price elasticity, normal good for income elasticity and a substitute good for cross price elasticity.Another differential would be the factors affecting the value of elasticity of demand.Introduction There’s an old adage amongst battlefield artillery work forces that says, “Their arm is non the menace, it’s the ammo that makes them deadly.” It seems appropriate to presume that without ammo pieces are useless.

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In the table below tick the appropriate column to show the impact of the change given on the market for cinema tickets.

Question: Distinguish between price elasticity of demand, income elasticity of demand and cross price elasticity of demand.

If the relationship of the two goods is highly interdependent, the value of the cross elasticity of demand would be elastic.

The usage of the concepts for each concept is different from each other.

[12 marks] Chapter: Elasticity of Demand and Supply Examine three elasticity of demand concepts, namely price elasticity of demand (PED), income elasticity of demand (YED) and cross elasticity of demand (XED).

By understanding these concepts, it will be more effective in understanding the price strategies used by producers to raise total revenue.

For price elasticity, firms may use them to derive price strategies.

As for income elasticity, it is mainly used to explain how consumers may respond to a price change as a result of a change in their incomes.

(a) Plot the demand and supply curves on a diagram.(b) What would be the excess demand or supply if the price was set at 32?

(c) What would be the excess demand or supply if the price was set at 80? (e) If income rises and demand, as a result, rises by 20 million units at each level, what will be the new equilibrium price?


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