Summon Night Ex-Thesis Yoake No Tsubasa

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Everyone has the same story development and their dialogs are very similar. To get them you must have at least 1 point of affection with Cyda before the end of chapter 5.

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Character art and design are made by Oomori Aoi (credited as Irumo Haruaki) using a style that comes very close to the one used by Kuroboshi Kouhaku, creating a very familiar feeling for older fans.

Compositions are made by Fujino Sadayoshi and the group Cruise.

The player takes control of Leonus & Ainna, two adventurers that wake up in a cave to find out that not only they lost their memories but are also sharing the same body.

They go on a journey to look for the mysterious Nova, who might know something about their past.

Note That there are two type of endings for each characters: The “Friendship” endings and the “Lovers” Endings.

To do a friendship ending it’s necessary at least 3 hearts of affection with a character.Night Talks always happens inside the Stone of Everlasting Night with only Leonus and Ainna participating by default. Those are earned through doing some events and other conditions during the playthrough.The endings also change slightly depending on who the player chooses as the main character.You must have your Karma points at pretty low levels (recommended to be at zero points).They will join your party after the first battle in Chapter 13.However, after the third heart, you will NOT get a new heart for each conversation, you must be loyal and choose only one character through all the gameplay to get the 5 hearts full.Therefore, it’s impossible to do more than one lovers ending in the same playthrough.There are only two playable characters, but following the games plot, the two protagonists are trapped in the same body and the player have to change between them during gameplay, this opens possibilities for interesting combos by using each of the character’s different properties.Going through the game, players will enable new ways to use this change system and will also unlock new abilities for each character.This allows for her to talk with other animals or to enter tight passages, opening new ways to explore the game.The “Night Talk” events are still somehow present within this game but, unlike previous entries in the series, players are not free to choose with who to talk.


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