Summary Business Plan

The investors won’t have much time to read the detailed descriptions, therefore you should focus on the following things: Assuming you have them, include them in this section along with the reasons why there were included in the first place.

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This is because the summary often goes to prospective investors first, with the anticipation they will be impressed with what they read and request the full business plan.

Taking the time to write a concise, engaging executive summary of two to four pages improves your chances of succeeding in your search for capital.

Investors want to know how large the company will be, how soon it will reach positive cash flow and whether the numbers look realistic.

It’s a long, energy-consuming process that requires paying a lot of attention to the details and making sure that you didn’t forget to mention something in your plan.

It supports all the data provided in other sections of your business plan and can influence the investors’ decision a lot.

For better understanding, you can check the examples of management summaries included in a bakery business plan and in a coffee shop business plan.

Identify the five most important themes you want the investor to remember, and incorporate these in the summary.

Together, these should show why your company represents an excellent investment opportunity.

This also means that in order to create a proper business plan you shouldn’t focus on the planning process only.

You should also remember to mention and describe all the important details that will matter for potential investors – for example, a management summary.


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