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(j) Anticipatory Stress When unexpected things happen, stress is raised.

During World War II, the Germans regularly bombed London.

Formula I racing drivers tolerate much physical discomfort and forces many times g as they negotiate turns at speeds of upto 200 mph.

However, when questioned they felt more stressed during their seven to eight pit stops - despite being stationery.

He describes the present age as 'the age of anxiety' - the age of stress.

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Whosoever you happen to meet - at your workplace or at home or in the market - be he rich or poor, mighty or meek, superior or subordinate, educated or illiterate, adult or aged, male or female- is suffering from stress of one kind or the other.The reason - in the pit, they are not in control, they are dependent on their crew.(e) Encounter Stressors This emanates from dealings with individuals or groups of people who are perceived as potentially unpredictable or unpleasant.Waiting for a bus, train or a plane for long hours can become a cause of stress.As school exams approach, both parents and children start developing anticipatory stress.Each time there was a raid, sirens sounded to warn the public to run for shelter.A survey shared that one particular area was always bombed, whereas another part of London was only occasionally bombed.The current era that we live in is termed in various ways by different scholars belonging to different disciplines.Peter Drucker, the father of modern management, describes it as 'the age of discontinuity.' An eminent economist, John Galbraith, calls it age of uncertainty.' Alvin Toffler, the author of two celebrated works, namely, Future Shock and The Third Wave, refers to it as 'the age of future shock.' These different descriptions are acceptable, as they come from the excellence and erudition of celebrities in different branches of knowledge. Karl Albrecht, an organisational development consultant from San Diego, California, seems to be the most appropriate.A small skirmish between husband and wife makes both of them jittery, which when oft-repeated, result in divorce.For parents, their children's disobedience and their falling prey to bad habits like drug addiction, alcoholism and other vices are major causes of stress.


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