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Aside from being a great way to grab the attention of your students and engage them in the lesson, stories also: With the above-mentioned benefits, it’s clear that storytelling is a powerful tool in the educational process.But how do you incorporate it into the various subject areas?So have fun with adding these ideas to your teaching toolbox!

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To get your students more excited about history, you can: Throughout history, music has been used as a way to share ideas and experiences with others.

Thus, it’s an entirely valid form of storytelling, even in songs without lyrics.

I typically distinguish between exercises and assignments. I've included a single page handout and the video demo I make available to the students.

While I grade exercises for completness this is just a check list approach. In this first assignment, sequence, message passing and use of story telling features are explored. I'm currently using Moodle as part of my course in a "blended" program.

, I have resigned myself to regularly updating and reinventing the class.

Emergent media is – by its very definition – always emerging.You can The Fall 2017 projects are made possible with the generous support of the Innovative Teaching with Makerspace Technology grant, awarded by the Digital Scholarhip Center and Center for the Advancement of Teaching.Please come join us to celebrate what this grant helped us to accomplish!One way to do this is by turning the lesson into an adventure.For example, Classcraft brings storytelling to life by allowing you to create quests for your students to embark upon as they navigate your lesson objectives.At the front of the classroom, the teacher droned on, periodically pausing to add information to the growing list of facts we would be responsible for knowing. It was the perfect class in which to practice this skill — since I’d read the assigned chapter of interest the night before, I was already familiar with the material.And as the teacher wasn’t presenting anything that wasn’t in the reading, the notes were simply a review.As I said, it was the perfect time to practice writing with my left hand — perhaps not the best use of my time, but who could blame me? Now, the sad part is that I actually love history (and I even loved it while I was in that class).I love the stories and the characters who show up throughout time. Yet there was one particularly memorable class in middle school in which grammar suddenly became more interesting.I enjoy reading and learning from biographies, autobiographies, and historical fiction novels. Yes, we were learning about the parts of speech — . Storytelling as a means of instruction has been around forever.But the teacher, who was also our drama instructor, had us do something creative with each part of speech. Tebo would divide us into groups with the assignment of writing and presenting some kind of story that included a certain number of nouns, adjectives, etc. One subject I liked, but I did not like the class; the other subject I did not like, but I liked the class. Before there was any form of written communication, there was verbal communication.


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