Stem Cell Therapy Research Paper

So far, stem cells do not have a clear definition which can be used to distinguish them from other cells.However, most of researchers believe that, in general sense, stem cells need to meet the following criteria.At the same time, with the advances of hardware and machine technique, some new molecular imaging systems had been developed, such as Spectrum CT of Cold Spring Biotech Corporation with three-dimensional imaging functional.

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With the deepening of research on stem cell and tumor biology, tumor stem cells are initially found in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) [4–8].

Park and his partners had proved that only a small part of the cell subsets of leukemia and multiple myeloma cells have unlimited proliferative capacity, accounting for 1%–4% and 0.001%–1% of the total number of tumor cells, respectively [4].

Through labeling some specific gene, function of the stem cell could be detected and identified [16].

Lastly, with the advances in microscopy, confocal microscopy techniques have been developed and used to observe the stem cells and their surroundings.

Compared to the traditional imaging method, all these imaging technologies had shown its advantage in tumor mechanism and antitumor evaluation research and had been initially applied in the stem cell research.

In this review paper, we will focus on the following three aspects.Thirdly, stem cells can rebuild the organization when they are transplanted into its source damaged organization.Lastly, even if the tissue does not suffer, stem cells can differentiate into mature cells of the tissue.In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and Java Script.Stem cell therapies are a type of cell therapy in which the cells used are either stem cells (as in the case of bone marrow transplantation) or are derived from stem cells, as is this case with some stem cell therapies that are currently being investigated for their therapeutic potential in areas such as regenerative medicine.For stem cell research, some technologies are frequently used including stem cell culture, separation, and identification techniques.At present, fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) and magnetic activated cell sorting (MACS) are the common separation methods for stem cells. Researchers had obtained the cancer stem cells from breast cancer, brain gliomas, prostate cancer [9], gastric cancer [10], lung cancer [11], liver cancer [12], and pancreatic cancer [13, 14] using this method.In 1999, Weissleder and his partners proposed the concept of molecular imaging at Harvard University [17].Through 10 years of development, this technology has been widely applied to many aspects of the life sciences.First of all, stem cells are capable of continuous, repeated self-renewal divisions in order to maintain the stem cell population.Secondly, a single stem cell can differentiate into a variety of mature cells.


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