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This is not unethical, and often even advised as statistics continues to become more complex.Many researchers these days are dealing with large amounts of data that are managed using computer programs and computer-controlled equipment.

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These types of analyses require deep statistical expertise.

Students that have focused their time on learning their specific disincline can rightfully feel overwhelmed.

The other option is to look for online sources, which include online tutorial videos, informational sites as well as question and answer sites.

It is important to check the credibility of these sites to make sure you are getting the right information. D., an associate professor at Johns Hopkins University, suggests using Cross Validated.

It is a Q and A site where anybody can ask a question about statistics, data analysis, machine learning, data mining and data visualization.

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You may also consider taking an online course in statistics.If your doctoral work involves a quantitative project, you will likely need dissertation statistics help.Writing your methods and results sections might prove to be arduous task otherwise.Find Somebody to Help You Out If you do have the time to acquire deep knowledge in statistic and/or you are running out of time, you might elect to look for someone who can assist you.This should be a person who can provide you with deep statistical or computational expertise.It is probably acceptable to have somebody else check your work and help you with your questions and statistical dilemmas.But, it would most likely be considered unethical if somebody else ran your entire analysis and did the interpretation for you.It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help with their statistical analysis.There are many ways to dissertation statistics help.Sometimes, however, articles that use flawed statistics can slip through and get published, which can have some serious consequences as shown by the Duke University scandal.As such, getting statistical help with your research process can be a great idea.


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