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Specifically, we adopt cost-effectiveness as a desideratum of mechanism selection and introduce a novel approach that leverages sequential Bayesian updating to help students better allocate their attention to a subset of schools at which they have a higher probability of admission.Using China's gaokao market as a case study, we compare the performance of this Bayesian recommendation mechanism against that of the Chinese Parallel Binning mechanism as deployed in Zhejiang in 2017.Hence, graphene is not a suitable material for applications where coherence is essential.

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Key features of our synthesis of a [5]-ladderane include a scalable synthesis of key building block bicyclo[2.2.0]hex-2-ene, copper(I)-mediated dimerization of this building block, and C--H functionalization of the ladderane core.

We also present a synthesis of [3]-ladderane utilizing a [2 2] photocycloaddition with a chiral dihalide, stereospecific alkylzinc addition, and unusual bis-hydrazone oxidative decomposition.

During that time, what was once a string of overwhelmingly white suburbs transformed into one of the largest Asian American enclaves in the continental US.

This dramatic transformation has had profound effects on the area’s built environment, including significant increases in density, reconstruction of the existing housing stock, and the proliferation of Asian American businesses and growth of commercial development.

Efforts toward the completion of the natural product are presented.

This project explores the physical and social changes caused by demographic transition in western San Gabriel Valley — a suburban region east of Downtown Los Angeles — since the late 1970’s.Their linear and nonlinear optical properties are analyzed and presented.The analysis of graphene's optical property uses an innovative first-order perturbative S-matrix formalism that systematically identifies various physical mechanisms contributing towards the optical Kerr nonlinearity.The thesis also presents a metamaterial configuration based on Kerr nonlinearity of the monolayer Mo S2 coupled to a local surface plasmon.The unique combination of a strong field enhancement from the plasmonic effect and the atomic thickness of highly nonlinear 2D materials constitutes an optical nonlinear oscillator.Much of the existing literature on the area has focused on the racial aspect of the San Gabriel Valley’s transformation, and used racial conflict as the lens of understanding the tensions between existing and new residents during this period.Using a combination of census and property tax data, archival research of local newspapers, and examination of the built environment, I seek to augment that narrative with a focus on issues of development and growth.The prevailing assumption implicit in the seminal works of school-choice matching is that students have fully informed preferences.As a contribution to the literature, we consider how the information acquisition costs that students incur while learning about their preferences factor into the welfare calculus.Nonlinear optics has long been studied as a basis for realizing fast information processing devices and sensors.Nonlinear photonic logic enables the elimination of slow electron-photon transduction processes and supports high signal bandwidth at optical carrier frequencies.


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