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Some of the internal factors that a SWOT looks at include organizational culture, team, product, IP, market share and financial capability.

In building a SWOT analysis, both internal and external issues need to be factored.

While strengths and weaknesses are internal organizational factors, opportunities and threats are market driven and dependent on the overall environment.

A brief description of the founder/management team, their expertise and experience of similar or complimentary activities form part of this overview.

Every business serves a market need, be it through manufacturing of a product or by providing a service to fulfill market demands.

The diagram below gives a schematic view of how BPlan will engage with client’s and the outcomes to be delivered against each milestone.

To know more about how the engagement process works, click on the diagram.

A business model is a “hands-on” description of how a business runs.

It looks at the inputs that help drive a business and outcomes in the form of products or services.

While most business plans are similar in nature, there will be variances based on certain parameters, for example the industry and location of the business, to name a few.

Customization of the plan is what will differentiate one from the other.


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