Squealer Propaganda Essay

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Near the start of the book, it is said that he was very convincing and could turn "black into white".This foreshadows several euphemisms he uses to maintain the control of the barn through difficult times.

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True to his cynical nature, he continues to believe that life never gets better.

He is briefly outraged by Boxer's death, but becomes ever more cynical when Squealer again convinces the denizens of the Farm that Boxer was only taken to a hospital.

Squealer is a fictional character, a pig, in George Orwell's Animal Farm.

He serves as second-in-command to Napoleon, the pigs' leader, and is the farm's minister of propaganda.

This paper was Stalin's key to propaganda, and was very powerful to proletarians (represented by Boxer, the horse).

Squealer takes the central role in making announcements to the animals, as Napoleon appears less and less often as the book progresses.Squealer is the embodiment of flattery and hypocrisy, Napoleon's right hand.He is the minister of propaganda, providing support to his leader.Benjamin alone appears to understand what is happening, though he never acts.If asked, he says that donkeys live a long time, and that "none of you has ever seen a dead donkey".To prevent the animals from suspecting them, Squealer preys on the animals' confusion and alters the Commandments from time to time as the need arises.Squealer falls off a ladder while trying to change one of the commandments in the night.In the end, this works out to Squealer's advantage.Terror and silver-tongued oration fool nearly everyone, and the sole animal who sees through these fronts, Benjamin, is simply too cynical to do anything.In the end, Squealer reduces the Seven Commandments to one commandment, that "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".A point is made by Napoleon dismissing the education of the mature animals as a lost cause while Snowball attempts to educate them all (he does focus on the key ideals of Animalism, nevertheless) and starting many committees which are apparently for the good of the entire Farm — Napoleon is explicitly stated to have 'no interest' in these committees, instead snatching up newborn dogs to educate them in seclusion.


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