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Vinokur takes Romania and East Germany and begins dissecting how politics have affected sports.One of the most startling facts to me was that a third world country like Romania had so many incredible accomplishments in the sports world.I am frequently asked, "Must politics be a part of the Olympic Games?

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East Germany on the other hand used sports to get recognition of the German Democratic Republic(GDR).

Both countries interest between foreign policy and sports was so large, it seems like they care more about athletics then education.

While these are the issues of 2008, University of Wisconsin historian Al Senn reminds us that politics and sport have always been intertwined at the Olympics.

His essay puts the politics of the Beijing Games in historical perspective.

My answer is that the Games in many ways have always been a major international political playground, and the events of 2008 simply follow in that tradition.

Arguments that the Olympics have a sacred character fuel all sides in the dispute over the Beijing Games.

Feel free to also listen to our The hot topic of this year's Olympics seems to be "boycott." Protesters argue that China's human rights policies, especially in Tibet, make Beijing an unworthy host for the celebration of human athletic prowess in the Games of the XXIX Olympiad.

Olympic officials, on the other hand, speak piously of keeping politics out of sports competition.

It was my belief before reading this book that sports in America has always been effected somewhat by politics, but it came to a total surprise to hear that sports dictated politics and vise versa in other countries.

In a world where some people believe sports take as much precedents as education, it seems no wonder that sports could not live without political issues.


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