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In English you would transition to make a deduction with phrases like ‘so’ or ‘therefore’.

In English you would transition to make a deduction with phrases like ‘so’ or ‘therefore’.

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To do this in English you can use phrases such as ‘because’ and ‘since’.

In Spanish these are: Now that I have set up the importance of language learning, I’ll next need to transition to more specific arguments for Spanish.

For this article, instead of giving you a list of random examples of these types of phrases in Spanish, I thought I would provide a flowing argument the whole way through.

And the point that I’m going to argue is: So there is my challenge. And feel free to debate me in the comments—even if you agree 😉The first place you need to start building your argument is with a solid opening.

A strong opening will help you transition your listener into your main points in a logical way.

There are two Spanish transition phrases you can use to open your argument: Here I have taken a useful position—language learning is super important. If you want to be convincing, it is always a good idea to back up your point with a good reason.In this final chapter of our guide to the sujunctive, we present 33 common Spanish subjunctive phrases, which you will frequently hear and use.We suggest you memorise these – even if you don’t understand why the subjunctive is used – as it will help you to internalise the grammar and become more fluent with using the Spanish subjunctive. We’ve extracted the most common uses of the subjunctive from native speakers using a “corpus” (enormous body of native Spanish text), so we are sure that these are absolutely the most useful Spanish subjunctive phrases to memorise. Simply sign up below, and we’ll send you a beautiful infographic of these subjunctive phrases: stands out as a Spanish word, and it is always followed by the subjunctive.In general, keep the essay simple but interesting to read, noting details about your personality and your lifestyle within stories and information you share. Carver holds a Bachelor of Arts in literature from American University and a Master of Fine Arts in writing from The New School. Noelle Carver has been a freelance writer since 2009, with work published in "SSYK" and "The Wolf," two U. I have enjoyed learning Spanish a lot and I think you will too., el español no sólo es uno de los idiomas más hablados en el mundo, sino es fácil de aprender y tendrás experiencias increíbles si viajas a los países hispanohablantes.Once you have successfully opened your argument, you’ll need to further build your case.I have already said that language learning is important.These are some of the most common and popular expressions that you’ll hear using the Spanish subjunctive, and will help you build mastery of this “mood”. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy a good healthy debate every once in a while.


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