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Viacom, Comedy Central’s parent company, pulled the episode because Tom threatened to back out of the Mission Impossible III promotional if they didn’t cut the episode (Trapped in the Closet).

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“Bigger Longer & Uncut”: South Park and the Carnivalesque Alison Halsall 2.

The Pleasures of South Park (An Experiment in Media Erotics) Brian L. Orphic Persuasions and Siren Seductions: Vocal Music in South Park Jason Boyd and Marc R. “Simpsons Did It”: South Park as Differential Signifier Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock Part Two Identity Politics 5.

De Lashmutt and Brannon Hancock Part Four Specific Critiques 11.

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Freud Goes to South Park: Teaching against Postmodern Prejudices and Equal Opportunity Hatred Robert Samuels 6.

Cynicism and Other Postideological Half Measures in South Park Stephen Groening 7.

De Lashmutt, Randall Fallows, Stephen Groening, Alison Halsall, Brannon Hancock, Brian L. Plamondon, James Rennie, Robert Samuels, Damion Sturm, and Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock.

Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock is Associate Professor of English at Central Michigan University and the author of several books, including List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Introduction: Taking South Park Seriously Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock Part One The Pleasures of South Park 1.


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