Source Analysis History Coursework

Music was changing and black jazz musicians were finally getting recorded.

Their lyrics and frantic style mirrored the fast-paced style of places like New York and Chicago.3.

These can include the textbooks you know so well by now, biographies, documentaries, and magazine articles.

By their nature, secondary sources are written after an event takes place.

Check out the Harvard Library and the New York Public Library as examples.

These are both huge with many resources–including primary sources.

The downside is that you don’t have a librarian there to help, so finding what you need may take a little more time. The archives will probably be limited to mostly local items, but if your history essay is about something that happened in your own area, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Regional Historical Societies Speaking of local history, another awesome place to find primary sources is at a local or regional historical society.

So it would still be helpful to actually go to some of the places listed below if you have the ability to do so.

You can still wear your sweatpants to most of these places if you must.


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