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Whatever type of song you write, look at your life first, or someone else’s; your personal experiences and those of your friends and family are great possibilities.

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You get a certain way into the writing of a new song, and then everything fizzles, and you have no ability to finish what you’ve started.

So now you have many — maybe dozens — of attempts, with nothing completed to show for your efforts. People who have little ability to write music probably wouldn’t get as excited as you do at the start of your songwriting process.

And while every song is unique, it’s very possible to generalize in a meaningful way how songs should unfold.

Knowing what should happen next means understanding song form and structure.

You’ve always wanted to write songs and perform them with your group or even in a solo show, but the task has always been daunting, left on the back burner, or aborted altogether.

Songwriting doesn’t have to be complicated; however, sometimes it becomes just that, and lacking inspiration is a major roadblock for some songwriters.But what if those songs that are keeping them singing and dancing had been written by you?That “no greater experience” could feel even better.Solution: Take some time to read good songwriting texts, and to do some online reading by other good songwriters who like to describe their process.A song is a musical journey that uses a kind of musical logic.Perhaps it’s not so much that you can’t think of what’s “supposed to happen next.” Maybe it’s more that you just don’t feel the same excitement for your song that you felt when you started it.Solution: To keep your excitement levels up, listen to good music.Shows the secrets of harmonic rhythm, identifying the key of your melody, chord function, and more.It’s part of “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 10-e Book Bundle.If you find it easy to start but hard to finish a song, here are 3 common causes, along with suggestions for overcoming those problems.If you find that you get 1 or 2 minutes into a song that’s going well, and then you get stumped because you don’t know what should happen next, that’s quite possibly the symptom of not really understanding how songs are designed.


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