Solving Systems Of Equations By Substitution Word Problems

Solving Systems Of Equations By Substitution Word Problems-79
Her sister earned 0 by working 15 hours during the week and 10 hours on the weekend.What was the hourly pay rate for working weekdays and weekends?We will then use substitution and elimination strategies to solve them.

Now we can use the other information from the word problem to create equations that we will use to solve for the variables.

One cousin worked 22 weekday hours and one weekend hour for a total of $232.

Since there are two equations with the same two variables, we can set them up as a system of equations and solve them simultaneously.

The system of equations can be solved using the substitution method, which involves using an expression from one equation to substitute for one of the variables in the other equation.

The goal is to find a value for each variable that satisfies the equations.

In the following examples, we'll create systems of equations based on the word problems.

Using the revised version of the first equation, we get y = 232 - 22 (10) = 12.

Now that the values of both variables are known, the word problem is solved.

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