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Sometimes you will encounter a problem which has more than two consecutive numbers, such as the one below. The difference is that you will have to define four numbers (instead of two), like we did below.

Sometimes you will encounter a problem which has more than two consecutive numbers, such as the one below. The difference is that you will have to define four numbers (instead of two), like we did below.

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The next consecutive even number can be found by adding 2.

Similarly, the next consecutive odd number after 7 is 7 2, or 9.

The only difference between ordinary consecutive numbers and even or odd consecutive numbers is the space between each number.

The next consecutive number after 16 can be found by adding 1.

The approach to solve problems with algebra is usually quite different.

Word problems are solved by separating information from the problems into two equal groups, one for each side of an equation. We know that the sum of 15 and 12 is equal to the the total amount of fruit.

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Using Time = Quantity/Rate, Time = 26/12 = 2 1/6 h or 2 hours 10 minutes We know the two rates, and we know that the difference between the two distances traveled will be one mile, but we dont know the actual distances.

Let D be the distance that you travel in time t, and D 1 be the distance that the other car traveled in time t.


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