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WHMCS has gone through a number of backend changes in version 6.Included amongst them was the internal upgrade from Smarty 2 to Smarty 3.1.

WHMCS has gone through a number of backend changes in version 6.Included amongst them was the internal upgrade from Smarty 2 to Smarty 3.1.

Hooks are very useful for performing custom actions at specific points in WHMCS's page generation routines.

code on pages, templates, and in settings, and in e-mail autoresponse subject and body fields.

To get the most out of it, you should visit the Smarty site and familiarize yourself with some of the features of engine.

Most custom templates won't need any updates to be compatible with version 6, but those that used features only available in Smarty 2 will need to be migrated to ensure a smooth transition to the latest version.

Smarty 3's engine changes the way whitespace is interpreted in templates, removing the need for tags around "" characters in CSS and Javascript blocks.


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