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The series has helped both of us to take the frustration out of learning." - Dr.Heather Henderson, Eugene, OR "The [Building Thinking Skills®] verbal and figural skills books have been invaluable.…The lesson plans and activities ordered according to difficulty made it possible for our instructors to link an assessment to a prescribed curriculum tailored for each student.

The fun, highly-effective and engaging reasoning activities improve the vocabulary, pre-reading, pre-writing, math, logic, spatial, and auditory processing skills of preschoolers.

It teaches students to use organized analysis instead of guesswork to solve problems.

I cannot imagine homeschooling without their products and support." - Liseetsa, OH "We have been using Building Thinking Skills® for years and have found them invaluable in providing students with the mental tools they need to be enthusiastic learners." - Katherine, Ratanakiri, Cambodia "Students who are still acquiring English face a lack of background knowledge in English and the skills necessary to process the new information.

Building Thinking Skills® has helped me meet both these challenges, and I have test scores and happy faces to back this up." - Britta, ESL Department, Tucson, AZ would help them perform better on standardized and state tests.

I'd like to see with a number of our students as an experiment.

In my 17 years in the district, I haven't seen anything work the way this program did.Each book has...a wide variety of fun and educational activities than can significantly improve a child's ability to think about problems rather than just mechanically apply a few memorized techniques.Because they contain such a large number of verbal and figural exercises, these books are a bargain.We have a couple of students who I believe would greatly benefit from these materials.They are struggling in most of their subjects and have not been exposed to different ways of thinking and learning.Besides providing excellent educational material, The Critical Thinking Company™ has incomparable customer service.They have helped me order the appropriate products, install the software, and been a continuous source of encouragement throughout the years.If you purchase just one supplementary book this year, this is the one to get." - Peggy Zorn, Harvest Home Educators Newsletter, Bedford, GA "The ability to think clearly and to reason are equally as important as the ability to read or to write....[W]e have found the Building Thinking Skills® books to be the best of the various critical thinking products available." - Ellen, Crossville, TN "If you're a parent who doesn't have this book, you need to get it.My daughters love to do Building Thinking Skills®, even my daughter who doesn't like to think.Last year I began to work directly with some of our students after school. Test scores went up even after the first few months we used the program.I'm totally sold on the program and will be ordering it for my school.


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