Should The Driving Age Be Raised To 18 Essay

There is need to have a balanced work force where each one in the work force feels appreciated for their contribution(s) in the endeavor to accomplish the set goals.

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Drinking is a part of American culture just like anything else.

Every country and culture across the world have their own way on drinking, and America seems to have the most..."unique" stance on it.

Records show that more teens are involved in these catastrophes (BBC 2007).

Although teens utilize their energy to meet the demands of their school and social activities, people in authority and other grown-ups have been concerned about the driving age, since every generation produces a more inflexible group of teenagers than before.

There was a keen response from the media and general public.

(“Should the driving age be raised to 21 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1”, n.d.) Retrieved from lot of research has been done to try to explain what the possible cause is but as we will see, combination of factors has led to the question of teenage driving to be......Why is 21 the drinking age and is it in fact the ''real age'' limit I think 21 is the drinking age because less people are dying in '' driving under Influence accidents'' than when the age was 18.Teenagers are prone to car accidents because of certain factors such as immaturity not only in their thinking and actions but also in their biological structures.Therefore, it is surprising why teenagers from 15-17 years are even allowed to drive.This writer believes that there should be a minimum age for driving and it should not be 15-17 years.This paper discusses the reasons for this arguments and the reader hopes to illuminate readers about the matter and make them take......21 Days October 24th, Today I did not feel any happiness.Studies and researches inform of reduced number of deaths if teens drive at a later stage.Some argue that by getting driving education, this issue can be resolved.Gwyneth Dunwoody, transport committee chairman speaks out rightly about a revolutionary process to take place because it is not a game of losing lives.The height of desensitization is such that a teen from Spalding, Lincolnshire demanded her license saying that she had lost two of her friends in the accidents but she does not want the rules on acquiring license to be changed.


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