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Short-term goals are the most specific, for obvious reasons – they’re closer in time and they’re also the direct link to the MBA program.As you describe successive steps, use less and less detail in each, because the further out you project, the less certain things are.Anecdotally, I’ve noticed a trend toward short, focused goals essay questions; there are fewer 1,000-word goals essays, fewer essays asking for your “vision.” Most want the facts, straight. That doesn’t mean you can’t bring in other elements, but they should support your main points.

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Before you start drafting your MBA goals essays, work out three levels of goals: short-term, intermediate, and long-term.

It helps to have this whole picture in your mind regardless of where you’ll “zoom in” for a particular essay.

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Short-term applies to the timeframe immediately post-MBA to about two years later; intermediate covers the time about two to five years post-MBA; and long-term applies to the time following that.

Usually essays ask for short- and long-term goals, but you’ll need to know your intermediate goals as well to bridge the short and long term.Achievement of short-term goals will give you more and more confidence about your being able to achieve a long-term goal.Imagine that you set not much of a goal but still never to achieve them.Don’t go beyond what’s practical, e.g., describing in detail what you’ll be doing in twenty years. If your targeted industry (say, healthcare) is in great flux, that point should be reflected in your goals.Different sets of essay questions will emphasize different aspects of the goals; they’ll require different lengths and have different tones.As a result, you set another goal thinking that there is no chance for its accomplishment as long as the rest failed anyway. Due to small goals, you will make your confidence about achieving a big goal stronger.Which is why one should set achievable short-term goals.They as if break your big goal into parts achievement of which will lead to the intended effect.Clarity and objective evaluation should be the main criteria of the given goal.Do not forget that short-term goals achievement make it to where you have confidence and strength to reach the top. Our service is happy to provide you with paper of any kind.


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