Short Essay On Tatya Tope

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The victory of Indian forces at Kanpur was mainly due to his able leadership.

After capturing Kalpi, Tantya turned it into the main fort of the rebels.

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After her death in the battle on the 17th June, 1858, the British devoted their energy chasing him from place to place.

An act of betrayal by Man Singh, a feudatory of Sindhia, found Tantia Tope in the hands of the British who sentenced him to death on charges of rebellion and murder on April 18, 1859.

Tantya Tope was the only child of Pandurang and his wife Rukmabai. Tantya was involved with the rebellion since the Kanpur revolt and his life remained linked to the war of Independence right from its beginning to his own end on 18 April 1859.

He was born in Yevla (Maharashtra) but brought up in Bithoor where Nana Saheb Peshwa resided. Like Garibaldi, he will always be remembered for his revolutionary fervour and patriotism.

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