Short Essay On Save Nature Save Future

Short Essay On Save Nature Save Future-25
Let’s save our ‘Mother Earth’ It is the only planet in our solar system on which life exists with incredible biodiversity.People all over the world celebrate this grand event to protect flora and fauna and to clean up the earth on which we live.

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The noble ‘Earth’ has bestowed the human beings with incredible and beautiful nature in the form of mountains, rivers, forests and various natural resources that helped human beings to survive and initiated our evolution.

So, now it’s our time to save our planet from the challenges which are threatening the existence of the earth…

We should find solutions to protect and save endangered species as they are essential part of our flora and fauna.

Conservation groups should open more and more wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and biosphere reserves.

Download now and get all your doubts cleared by our experts."SAVING LIFE - The evolution of each of us has been possible because of the plant or the forests.

The forest we give some oxygen, food, shelter, medicine, furniture.

Ways to save Earth There are many ways through which we all can contribute in the protection and conservation of species and keeping the earth clean.

We should also try to lessen the use of natural resources so that there will be enough resources for the coming generation as well.

As an individual, there are lots of things you can do, starting with not littering or polluting.

Dispose of everything properly, and even better, reduce your waste so that there is less to return to the landfill.


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