Short Essay On Corporate Social Responsibility

Short Essay On Corporate Social Responsibility-29
Financial Inclusion helps put people on a path out of poverty, creates productive, empowered citizens, fosters business opportunities and fuels economic growth.When social responsibility is recognized as part of a company's business model, it can attract positive publicity, help attract and retain top talent, and improve relationships with customers and their communities.

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The company stated: Today, about half the adult world lives in the informal economy, dealing exclusively in cash.

To be one of these estimated two billion people is to face financial barriers that make life risky, expensive and inefficient.

The answer to an ethical question may differ depending on which moral framework is used.

For this reason, taking complex and abstract ethical theories and applying them to the decision-making processes of company directors can lead to unresolvable arguments in boardrooms, restaurants, shareholders meetings, scholarly journals and, of course, the media.

Friedman argued for a direct form of capitalism and against any activity that distorts economic freedom.

Socially responsible activities conducted by a corporation are, according to Friedman, distorting economic freedom because shareholders are not able to decide how their money will be spent.

Many employees want to feel like they're part of something bigger.

Social responsibility empowers employees to leverage the corporate resources at their disposal to do good.

Knowing a product and service is also helping with social causes can create a sense of pride and that pride shows in relationships with customers and fellow employees.

When companies are involved in the community, they stand out from the competition.


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