Short Essay About My Village

Betsy and I chopped onions, tomatoes, and greens while Kathryn started the fire—something I don't miss at all now that I'm living in the city with electricity.

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While we were there no mothers actually gave birth, Betsy was still able to see the maternity ward and speak with the nurses and midwifed on call.

She also was able to see babies that were born from the night before being HIV tested and registered.

Betsy and I enjoyed our company and I felt so grateful to be able to see my Malawian mother and share a meal together after not seeing her for four months.

Being back in this place that I spent the last two years building a home was emotional and reflective, and it only made me want to return again soon.

They called me a "bwana" meaning "boss" or someone with money who usually lives in the city, and I had to remind them that'd I'm still a Peace Corps Volunteer, despite my city status.

Betsy and I then had the pleasure of taking my friend Manaly to get chips in the market, at a place I ate almost every single day while living in in village; Gerad's Chips Stand, or as I liked to call it "The Best Chips in Chipoka".It felt nice speaking Chichewa again (where as in the city I mostly speak English) and to chat with my local friends who I'd bonded with over vegetables for two years.We bought some greens, tomatoes, onions, and eggs, and then headed to my landlord’s house where we had planned to eat lunch.His stand is outside and sits right next to a place where people got their bikes fixed, so I saw a lot of people I knew and was able to chat with the bike maintenance men.We sat munching chips and cabbage with Manaly and Gerad and before I knew it, my friends were also Betsy's friends and we were all hanging out as if I had never left.When we arrived back at my landlord's we were greeted by his wife, Kathryn, who had just returned from church.We helped her prepare another meal, our third of the day although it was only noon.They were so excited to see us and wanted Betsy to hold their babies and take pictures of them.During all of this I was able to greet all my old colleagues that were working the half day on Saturday.exercises and topics, paragraph writing worksheets, informational paragraph example, paragraph writing structure, sentence and paragraph writing structure, paragraph writing practice online, creative. Seventy per cent of the population of our country lives in villages.The progress and development of our country cannot be imagined without making concerted efforts to improve a lot of villagers and the quality of life in the villages.


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