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Similarly, in today’s modern academic world you can pay a heavy emotional price for misspeaking.Understandably, in the more rarified air of professional academic papers it is logical that there should be an exactness of language and command of one’s discipline, but this standard of perfection has permeated education all the way down to the elementary student.During one of those cross-country trips for the book, in an RV campsite in Whitefish, Montana, I found out I was pregnant with the child of a man I had known for only a month. Sloane, a beautiful and powerful entrepreneur, had sex with other men to please her husband’s predilections.

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In the time before I started , I lost my parents tragically; nearly my entire family was, in fact, decimated over the course of a decade.

As such, I found myself very open to hearing the stories of others. I tried to schedule my days, with the loose plan of finding subjects in the mornings and then, in the afternoons and evenings, spending time with the various people I had already found.

The way that women are profoundly organized about hiding their desire and their fear over the same.

The way the anger and judgment we graft onto others is often our own shame, projected.

Her heart exploded in the discussion group where I first met her.

Its pieces scattered around the room like wet confetti.

The emotions that rise up in us are various: anger at ourselves, shame, guilt, and frustration, and it is at those moments when we feel like we want to pound our hand into the steering wheel and yell at the top of our lungs, “Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

” This resonates with all of us because everyone has experienced a time in their life when they believe they had said something “stupid.”What we find when we do misspeak is that even if people do notice it they only consider it for a fleeting moment, but we tend to see our own failings like they were daily broadcast on the evening news.

Then, like a deer in those headlights, we freeze as we remember that awkward joke we said or how we completely misunderstood a conversation and misspoke.

As we replay that seemingly embarrassing event over and over in our heads it seems to gain a life of its own—growing exponentially every time we reflect on it.


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