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We've been amazed by the level of interaction levee of ideas flows with this open air with stand up desks for the simple reason that we believe if you stand up the blood flows better and you can think a lot better.

We've been amazed by the level of interaction levee of ideas flows with this open air with stand up desks for the simple reason that we believe if you stand up the blood flows better and you can think a lot better.

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That will tell you a great deal about the potential partner you're about to inherit.

The office space really flows down from our culture and beliefs. We call everybody "partner." If we hire a young investor and I'm one of the older people, I'll introduce him or her as a "partner."  That comes to the office space where we have open seating. We have a mobile theme, an Internet theme, an infrastructure theme.

All we want is a reminder of the successes we've had and some of the failures we've had--because we want to make sure we're kept honest and we learn from all the 700 or 800 investments we've made over the years. It is a drive that will never end until I die.  Many of the people we hire, if not all the people we hire, seem to have that same drive--which is why I get up at every morning to work out.

I just want to make sure I don't lose an inch.

But it's a quite competitive business with everybody saying the exactly same thing and only a few firms being able to deliver. It's an understanding of business.  You meet with a CEO or founder.  You talk about sales, engineering, product management and give some ideas or suggestions.

And the founder quickly understands that you really can help them both operationally and from a strategic standpoint. It's not all about telling the founder how great he is or how great the company is.  It's really having a straightforward conversation where you can build trust.  By doing so he really starts to believe you can help him.

Words like "deal." Words like "money in the ground." Those are terms we don't use at all.

We believe we're business partners to help founders and management teams build great companies for the long term.

The venture tech business has evolved and we've learned there are areas we should mechanize or operationalize.

Some areas we can operationalize are recruiting or helping our companies in much more of a structured approach.  The investing part of the business--where you want to have a  few people with diverse backgrounds really make investment opinions then apply the resourses of those talented people to the companies--I don't think that should really change.


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