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The research typically begins during the student's third year and takes place over several terms, sometimes including spring/summer.The skills gained, papers published, presentations given, and friends and colleagues made are among the many lasting rewards of such a deeply immersive experience.

These consultants are available only in the Fall and Winter academic terms.

Statistics Consulting Calendar The Center for Statistical Consultation and Research also provides free consultations to enrolled students for up to one hour per week.

Further information concerning the Honors major may be obtained by contacting the MES Student Services Assistant or through an academic advising appointment with a department advisor.

For information on scholarship and award opportunities specific to Honors students, please visit the Honors Scholarships and Awards page on the LSA Honors Program website.

Students who qualify as candidates for Honors are those who meet the requirements for a regular major, maintain a GPA of at least 3.4 overall and 3.5 in the major, and complete the writing of a senior thesis with distinction.

Honors majors are required to enroll in the independent study thesis course (MIDEAST 498) during Fall and Winter their senior year.An Honors Concentration in Physics or Interdisciplinary Physics (IP) puts you in a distinguished category of individuals who are focused on becoming next generation leaders, in physics as well as in related scientific, technical and policy areas.The Physics/IP Honors Concentration provides first-year students with smaller introductory classes and offers all students the chance to develop their talents in a research-focused, community setting.Students who are performing at a high level (roughly a 3.4 GPA or better) in Physics in their first or second year are encouraged to meet with a faculty advisor and elect an Honors Physics/IP concentration.A student must maintain at least a 3.4 GPA to graduate with Honors.If you would not like to be considered, the deadline is pm on the last day of class.Spring/Summer Graduates: pm on the second Monday in August.You may apply to more than one honors major program.However, each major has separate requirements for completing their specific honors program.The honors coordinator is available to answer general questions about the major and the honors thesis project.The honors coordinator also handles senior major releases for psychology honors program students.


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