School Scheduling System Thesis

School Scheduling System Thesis-60
Regular Session Courses approved by the Academic Affairs Committee, all related instructional activities such as review sessions, films, special lectures, midterm examinations, optional quizzes, academic tutoring, and final examinations have priority in General Assignment Classrooms over all other instruction (e.g. Events, Educational Testing, etc.) for weekdaysevenings, and weekends, as applicable.

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The official record of GA classrooms resides with the Office of the Registrar.

Scheduling for General Assignment classrooms is controlled by the Office of the Registrar.

For example, total WRH for 100 General Assignment Classrooms might be 3,000.

The average for this group (WRH/room) is 3,000/100, or 30 WRH/room.

Classes that don’t meet 80% of room capacity may be moved to a smaller room with equivalent media, if available.

Classes scheduled after scheduling deadlines have passed are assigned classrooms on a space-available basis.Final written examinations may not exceed three hours duration and are given only at the times and places established and Final examinations are generally held in the same room as Class meetings; however, by prior arrangement with the Office of the Registrar, common final examinations can be scheduled and extra room locations may be booked on a space available basis.Changes in classroom location must be arranged through the Office of the Registrar.On the Stockton campus, the Provost is responsible for effective academic facilities management, including the authority to assign, relieve from assignment, and reassign academic space as necessary.Academic facilities are operated to meet the University’s teaching, research, and service missions.To ensure efficient utilization of classroom space on all days of the week, the following standard time blocks have been established.Any modifications of these time blocks are approved by Academic Affairs in consultation with the University Registrar. “At the end of the preregistration period for each semester, the University Registrar will distribute to the dean of each school or college a list of courses whose preregistrants are ten or fewer students in an undergraduate course or 3.Required Secondary Class Sections are scheduled before optional Secondary Class Sections. Initial classrooms assignments are made based on projected enrollment being equal to or greater than 80% of the room capacity.Past enrollments in comparable semesters are considered.Classes using a one-day-only pattern and meeting for more than normal duration (e.g., three hour seminars) should be scheduled in non-prime time.In order to give fair access to all departments, under certain conditions, non-standard scheduling may be required to change to standard scheduling (e.g., MW two-hour time patterns may be required to change to MWF scheduling).


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