Satirical Essay On Abortion

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To think those kids that grow up alone without a best friend, that best friend could've been the one that was murdered a few minutes ago.

Listen closely, and you may hear The sound of sacred fire.

With that, there would be fewer bills to pay, things to pay attention too and less work around the house.

Enslave kids to go to work for you, or just do all the hard labor so that us Americans don't have do to anything, like we always do.

Simple and painless it's not cheap but it's guaranteed to pay for itself in time. So don't worry if you get raped, involved in incest, or the thing is unwanted in some sort of way, you can prevent it nine weeks in or even 25 weeks through.

It's painless the doctor takes scissors with a hatch and grabs random body parts, cuts it off and forces it out of the womb and you don't have to look but for the shear satisfaction of it you should watch.If a kid is giving you an attitude, just kill them and start all over again, just label that kid as being a mistake and it will be just fine.When you are feeling angry and instead of keeping a kid that is being abused anyway, just wrap a rope around their neck and hang them from a hinge and start punching the body as if it was a punching bag, it's a great stress reliever.Don't even have to mention those retarded kids, they were killed when they were born or even before.Even those kids who are really disrespectful kill them too and start anew.Thankfully for this too that you can drink without worry, do drugs and all that fun stuff and then get pregnant all over again. There are still a lot of kids in the world that are unwanted without mothers or fathers why not kill them too before they can become murderers or thieves.And those kids that grow to become gangsters or prostitutes it will lower the population of those things I'm sure.It's hurting, they're hurting, even though they won't say a word.They won't admit the feelings burning inside like acid reflux, Or to the emotions drowning them in ammonia.But girls like dogs just keep making more and more they should really give up already. We should really be thankful for doctors coming up with the method on how to get rid of them.When women get pregnant and the child is most likely unwanted or a mistake the doctor simply takes it's little undeveloped body and rips it out.


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