Rules For Writing An Opinion Essay

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If possible, try to use sources that are widely known to be accurate and credible.

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If writers follow this pattern of organization, they can introduce their opinion, support it thoroughly, and then solidify it at the end.Social, school or local issues are ideal topic choices.Read a variety of credible perspectives to expand your understanding of the debate.Avoid simply reading sources that support your own opinions.If your position changes in light of your research, that’s OK.To maintain credibility with the reader, writers should also eliminate any personal stories or information and make sure that all facts presented are cited properly.Make sure that any sources used to write an opinion paper are highly reliable.For example, if an opponent states that animal research is regulated to protect animals, explain why the regulations are insufficient and illustrate how they continue to suffer.By the time you get to your conclusion, your argument is complete.In the introduction, writers must bring up the topic they intend to discuss and make it clear where they stand on the issue.Writers must then provide readers with multiple paragraphs that support the central argument of the paper.


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