Rubric For History Extended Essay

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They are busy little creatures and they always make me laugh!

Ferrets are rather comedic and entertaining, which can be both good and bad.

Their curious nature combined with their slim build makes them perfect for such a hunting role.

They have been used in various places around the world to control overpopulation of rabbits including by Caesar Augustus.

Exemplifying a robust curiosity of all things is probably best represented by my little friend here, LUNA, a cute and funny member of the scientific family, Mustelidae.

I have done only two photoshoots with a ferret and I have to compliment the photographers for photographing a “constantly moving” target.I can’t really explain the reason why and I’m satisfied not to – I’m ok with just embracing the fact that God gave me a passion and I’m fortunate to have found it after years of searching.Some of my earliest childhood memories were of my dogs and cats and the feeling that I needed to help them and somehow protect them from the many harms that could (and did) come their way.In the digital world, it’s easy to share, collaborate, learn and even grow with people you have never met before.I love that idea…that I can connect with someone around the corner or across the globe.On the good side, they provide lots of giggles with antics like hiding your car keys behind the sofa because they love shiny objects.On the bad side, they love shiny things and will hide your car keys!With that goal in mind, this month I chose to feature a ferret.One of the many reasons I LOVE ANIMALS is because they possess an inherent CURIOSITY that never wanes, yet they know when to inhibit curious tendencies for self preservation.I’ve often heard people say that they would love to have a ferret for a pet but “they smell bad”.It’s true they have a musky scent but in my research I’ve found that there are many things you can do to minimize odors.


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