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The moment when he’s shown the blueprint of the ship and realizes what those cramped berths and shackles are for, then accepts the job anyway, might be the most damning statement TV had yet made about the white man’s ability to compartmentalize revulsion when there was money to be made.This, again, was something the original did, but the new version pushes it even further — with echoes (sometimes, in the case of a particular piece of music, literal ones) of Kunta's African past weaving their way into his family's story of itself and their local culture more generally.It's a potent reminder of how past influences present to create the future.We know he'll never get back, even as he doesn't, and that creates a terrible dramatic irony.That's also how wears down any arguments that might be presented against it. And the miniseries primes you to want him to escape, to fight back, to get away.) pulls this together into everything stands for — the monstrousness of slavery and the indomitable human will required to keep going in the face of it.Due to the issues that have been found with the tome since it was published, the 2016 version no longer adapts Haley's book as directly as 1977's miniseries did., the initial response was the same as when any beloved cultural work is remade: Is this really necessary?It's easy to see why this is often the reaction when remakes are announced.In addition, Haley faced accusations of plagiarism, settled a lawsuit related to it out of court, and eventually admitted he had taken portions of strength was never tied to how true it is to people who actually existed. It is, instead, an attempt to document America's core sin by telling the story of slavery through the point of view of those who had to live as slaves, those who are too often turned into abstractions in history texts.The 1977 miniseries was likely the single most influential cultural artifact to deal with the horrific legacy of slavery. And as Matt Zoller Seitz points out at Vulture, its canny casting convicted white America without preaching.


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