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Foreign demands included the demand for timber, base metals, pulp and wheat.

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During the early 1920s, there was a 15% unemployment rate in Canada (Schumpeter, 5). There were a tremendous rise and increase in the foreign demand for Canadian raw materials.

Moreover, the United States demand for traditional resources in Canada increased.

ROLE OF OPTIMISM IN PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH Submitted Submitted by: Institute: INTRODUCTION This paper deals with the study of a peer reviewed article which relates optimism to physical and mental health.

A summary of the reviewed article is presented, which follows a personal opinion on the validity of the study.

Spending on leisure became an important factor in American life. The soldiers who came back had brought many different points of view with them.

These were trickling down to the families, the gossips of unemployed women and longer desirable.In the pursuit of their goals, they regulate themselves and their personal states by utilizing effective strategies (Scheier, Carver and Bridges qtd. In order to evaluate dispositional optimism, Scheier and Carver developed self-report Life Orientation Test or LOT (1985, revised......perspectives.They contemplate what is going to happen , not the worst.In the 1920s, the media improved significantly as they focused more on heroes, majorly in sports and movie stars.Cities during this time grew to a greater extent, especially construction of massive stadia and cinemas.As a result of this, optimism has been found to be associated with lower levels of distress, lower risks of death from cardiovascular conditions, higher resistance to common cold and better levels of coping with hardships (Segerstrom, 2005).Optimists always voice their feelings and needs and can therefore be helped faster as compared to pessimists.The market boom created hope and optimism for many Canadians.The increase in demand would automatically lead to a corresponding increase in supply.Topic The Roaring 20's The 1920s represented America's 'coming of age' period in history.The country had participated in the First World War and was prosperous by the export of war goods and consumables.


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