Respect And Trust Essays

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They would have considered it unseemly to tell me or my siblings that we were wonderful, smart, or special, and even more unseemly to brag about us to others.

In fact, I think my mother had an intuitive understanding of the value of humility and the dangers of pride.

Like within intimate relationships, a good husband or wife is trustworthy if they express it words and actions.

You know you can trust them if they give you all of their affection, if they help you financially, give you wonderful compliments all of the time.

Trust is important because it is the basis around which all human relationships revolve. Having faith in a special person in your life is trust.

For instance, when there is always someone there for you, like your mom or dad that is a natural trust.It is useful, I think, to compare and contrast parent-child relationships with husband-wife relationships.In both of these, respect is absolutely essential for the relationship to work.Love without respect is dangerous; it can crush the other person, sometimes literally.To respect is to understand that the other person is you, not an extension of you, not a reflection of you, not your toy, not your pet, not your product.When I expressed an idea or asked a question they took it seriously. They seemed to believe that my siblings and I had good judgment and didn’t need much watching or advising, even when we were little children. And because they respected me, I found it easy to respect them.Because they didn't offer much unsolicited advice, I asked them for advice when I needed it.was a term used rather exclusively as the valediction in friendly letters. The self-esteem movement, thank goodness, hadn’t yet begun; or, if it had, my parents didn’t know about it or didn’t approve of it. It was awkward for me when I left home and entered a different culture, where people regularly hug and kiss at greetings and goodbyes whether or not they actually love one another. Praise—sometimes taken to be an expression of love—was likewise nearly absent in the family I grew up in.I think this applies as much to parent-child relationships as to husband-wife relationships.Love brings bliss to both types of relationships, but only if tempered by respect.


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