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This study has the potential to enable the working people to consider their stand point in terms of work –life balance and the executives to gain new perspective in order to cope with such a problem.Access to society journal content varies across our titles.

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Results show that protecting private time and working efficiently significantly relate with WLB and that WLB mediates the relationships between these two WLB crafting behaviors and SWB.

Findings also suggest a significant direct relationship between behaviors that foster family relationships and SWB. Future studies may make use of experimental designs or conduct a longitudinal study. Download as .

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At the same time, the relationships between prolonged working hours and occupational wellbeing, health, and quality of life are not yet completely clear, although previous studies have found that excessive working hours can lead to a number of specific health issues, including depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbances [4, 5].

Relatedly, expending excessive amounts of energy at work has been found to result in various physical reactions, including fatigue and physiological activation.Moreover, of those workers, approximately half indicated that their excessive work hours negatively impacted their health (“The OECD Teaching,” n.d.).Past investigations have found that both work-life balance and job satisfaction are impacted by overtime work [2, 3].The present research, unlike previous studies on employees’ proactive behaviors to attain WLB, empirically tested the identified behaviors and was able to identify the WLB crafting behaviors with significant relationships with WLB and SWB. Work life balance has recently taken the attention of both researchers and executives.Without a balance between the two, many mishaps can be experienced in both.In this study work –life balance is analyzed from organizational context.Other variables can be examined in future research such as life circumstances (i.e. life cycle stage change, objective health status) or other constructs within the self-concordance model (i.e. The results suggest the importance of organization support in employees’ mastery of significant crafting behaviors through offering socialization, productivity, and time management employee programs. (2018), "Work-life balance crafting behaviors: an empirical study", Personnel Review, Vol. For example, competitive employment pressures have increased even as various social reforms have been manifested.As a result of such pressures, job burnout has become a growing problem, particularly in high-pressure fields such as the banking and technology industries [6, 7].


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