Research Papers On Political Songs In The 1960'S

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This region consists of the rolling Ozark Plateau (see Ozarks) to the north and the Ouachita Mountains, which are similar in structure to the ridge and valley section of the Appalachians, to the east.

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An eighth division, the Laurentian Uplands, a part of the Canadian Shield, dips into the United States from Canada in the Great Lakes region.

It is an area of little local relief, with an irregular drainage system and many lakes, as well as some of the oldest exposed rocks in the United States.

of North Carolina, is the highest point of E North America.

The Plains and Highlands of the Interior Extending more than 1,000 mi (1,610 km) from the Appalachians to the Rocky Mts.

Almost all of the region is drained by one of the world's greatest river systems—the Mississippi-Missouri.

The Interior Plains may be divided into two sections: the fertile central lowlands, the agricultural heartland of the United States; and the Great Plains, a treeless plateau that gently rises from the central lowlands to the foothills of the Rocky Mts.

Alaska and the mountains of NW United States had extensive mountain glaciers and were heavily eroded.

Large glacial lakes (see under Bonneville Salt Flats; Lahontan, Lake) occupied sections of the Basin and Range province; the Great Salt Lake and the other lakes of this region are remnants of the glacial lakes.

This geologically young and complex system extends into NW United States from Canada and runs S into New Mexico. are divided into four sections—the Northern Rockies, the Middle Rockies, the Wyoming (Great Divide) Basin, and the Southern Rockies.

There are numerous high peaks in the Rockies; the highest is Mt. Along the crest of the Rockies is the Continental Divide, separating Atlantic-bound drainage from that heading for the Pacific Ocean. and the ranges to the west is the Intermontane Region, an arid expanse of plateaus, basins, and ranges.


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