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Below are updates on significant current and new MAS activities, and on our financial condition and fee changes that will take effect in 2019-2020.

I’ve included names of some who lead these activities, but for those whose names are not mentioned, please know that it’s not because your efforts are not appreciated – it’s because we have over 135 volunteer positions staffed by more than 110 people so it’s simply impossible to list all the great things you do! Our colleagues have diverse research and teaching interests, geographies, tenure in the academy and experiences prior to joining it, personal stories, and more...

Previous research on corporate governance has been focused principally at the national level, with relatively limited consideration given to the role of corporate governance in global markets.

As business activities continue to expand globally, however, the relevance and implication of corporate governance theories, mechanisms and models that were originally developed, applied, and tested in an Anglo-American context merits revisiting, for example, in terms of the applicabiliity and convergence of corporate governance models in non-Western contexts, and in terms of global events that provide valuable natural experiments such as the signature governance reforms in the recent past in China and India, and the global financial crisis.

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The Special Issue provides an opportunity for contributors to spotlight their contributions to the broad fields of business and economics, political science, and law in terms of corporate governance.

Within business and economics, contributions from the sub-fields of accounting, finance, economics, law, marketing, supply chain, international business and management are all welcome.


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