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Interest in organizational commitment has therefore been stimulated largely because evidence in the research literature has it that commitment reduces turnover and increases performance.

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An increase in turnover on the other hand could amount to a low level of organizational commitment and performance.

This is because a high level of organizational performance can be achieved only when an organization has a committed labour force.

This could be attributed to uneven reward system, poor income, and unfavourable social, economic, and political infrastructure of the country.

Rewards are an ever-present and always controversial feature of organizational life in Nigeria The monetization policy, which was formally introduced into the Nigerian Public Service in 2005 led to monetization of those physical benefits which were added to the basic salary of workers.

With the introduction of monetization and fringe benefits policy in 2005, civil servants have been paid certain percentage of their basic salary as fringe benefits which are added to the basic salary, meaning an increment in salary of workers.

Although, there is much academic debate on the extent to which additional income is a direct motivator (Nwagwu, 2007).This explains why developing an effective and efficient compensation system becomes an important part of the human resource management process in advanced countries.The attitude of Nigerian workers in terms of output compared to the more developed countries in recent times is becoming alarming.It is commonly believed that firms prefer layoffs to worksharing, in part, because layoffs economize on fringe benefit costs.We find that when labor markets are characterized by optimal implicit contracts, layoffs will never occur in equilibrium, regardless of the level of fringe benefits.In reference to the research study on fringe benefits and employees job satisfaction in the public sector, there is need for further review of different types of fringe benefits as practiced in both private and public sector, the management should also review the welfare package of the members of staffs, to increase their level of motivation and job satisfaction.The result of the study reveals that Nigerian Port Authority has performed fairly well, but it can improve on its achievements making the sky its limits if these recommendations are viewed with rapt attention.The findings of this study reveal that a correlation exists between perceived fringe benefits, motivation, job satisfaction, and commitment.The correlation that exists in this study among perceived workers motivation, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment corresponds.Section B is centered on obtaining data related to the subject of the study.The information gathered through the administration of questionnaire were analyzed, Analysis in this study was carried out with the help of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS 17.0).


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