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In most construction companies, adequate concentration is not allocated to the areas of health and safety and this has been a great problem over the years. The objective of this paper is to examine the effective project management of this type of team.To support in addressing this issue, this work planned with the aim to recommend measures and strategies for managing safety on construction sites. '' I'm confused by all these different philosophies'' I need to collect my data; what do I do first? In the virtual team environment problems arise due to the collaborative nature of software development and the impact distance introduces.

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COMSATS Institute of Information Technology is considered to be one of the fastest-growing higher education institutes in Pakistan. Organizational structure, risk management, infrastructure, process, conflict management and team structure and organization.Agile project management is introduced to the construction sector in Egypt, as it has proven its success in the IT industry all over the world.Triangulation of different methods where used to gather data about agile project management.Explosive development of multimedia services in actual data networks and the increasing demand for service quality stimulate the interest in the Qo S management research.In order to ensure the service quality for multimedia flows crossing...Construction projects in Egypt are categorized with high uncertainties.Coping with change in construction projects is such a big challenge that a project manager could face in managing a project. more Construction projects in Egypt are categorized with high uncertainties.Client involvement in managing a project is one of the major factors that speeds up a project.Applying agile methodologies will decrease time, cost and escalate customer satisfaction in the construction field in the Egyptian economy.Around 99% of maternal passings happen in low-asset settings and most can be averted (4).So also, roughly 2.6 million infants were stillborn in 2015, likewise for the most part in low-asset settings (5).


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